The Digital Marketing ToolBox To Grow an Online Business
Get the digital marketing toolbox that I've used to create a multi 6-figure business.

In the book, I reveal all the tools I've used to grow hundreds of digital businesses.

Let me take a step back and introduce myself. My name is Dave Curtis, I live in Sydney, Australia. I started my digital marketing agency in 2008.

I was sick of working as a national sales manager for a big international brand, I needed a change.

My job was great, the brand I worked for was awesome. We sold adventure sports equipment and were a leading international brand but there was something missing.

I realised that visiting and working with the clients and helping them grow their businesses was what I loved.

What I didn't enjoy was a work environment where everyone was just chasing their part of someone else's profit pie.

Surrounded by people who just wanted a paycheck and didn't really care for much else. Let alone their clients or their own integrity wasn't my thing.

I was visiting and working with all these businesses just as the internet was picking up the pace. The big guys we're investing in eCommerce and all my clients were freaking out.

They thought they'd be swamped by internet sales and go out of business.

What interested me was that these small businesses just took the attitude that they couldn't compete with the big guys now the internet was here.

They were we're wrong and I wanted to help them understand that, that's when my digital marketing agency was born.
If I could help these small businesses compete by putting all their small budgets together then I could help them compete with the bigger brands without needing a big expensive agency.

So I started offering to help these businesses with their digital strategy. It was October 2008 and since then I've created and grown hundreds of digital businesses.

Now I make a multi 6-figure income online and get to help grow digital businesses for my clients as a digital business consultant and coach.

And now I'm sharing all the tools you need to start or grow your own digital business in my Free eBook.
The Digital Marketing ToolBox
The Digital ToolBox by Dave Curtis
In The Digital ToolBox, I give you over 60 online tools that I've used in my digital business. These tools can help you start or grow your own online business just like I did.

You don't need to start an agency to make money online, you just need to start an online business.

There are many ways of doing business online, it can be digital download products or physical products, it could be online or offline services or even online education courses.

My point is that you need a digital business and that's why I want to share with you the tools you need.

With so many different ways to monetize your website or blog, I can't cover all of them in this blog post.

What I can tell you is with the right tools, the tools I share in the digital marketing toolbox you can and should start or grow your own digital business.

Some of you will be starting an online business from scratch, this is your guide to getting started.

If you already have a digital business, then this digital toolbox is your guide to the tools need to grow your online sales rapidly.
How To Use The Digital Marketing ToolBox
9-Step Digital Success Framework
My unique, battle tested, 9-step digital success framework identifies weaknesses in your digital business strategy. By focusing on fixing these weaknesses first you'll be to scale your business quickly.

This is the key to successful digital marketing, building on solid foundations first and then layering on top.

This free download is broken down into these 9 steps so you can jump to the section that best suits your current situation, depending on if you already have a digital business.
  • Research & Planning Tools
  • Strategy Tools
  • Design Tools
  •  Building & Development Tools
  •  Maintaining Tools
  •  Populating Tools
  •  Promoting Tools
  •  Converting Tools
  •  Nurturing Tools
In addition to the 9-Step Digital Success Framework steps, there are a few other things required to run a successful business, so I've also included the following bonus sections.
  • Business Management
  • Learning Resources
  • Outsourcing
  •  Communities
Starting An Online Business
If you're just considering or thinking about setting up an online business so you can escape the rate race (I highly recommend you do) then you need to start with effective research and planning to make sure there is a profitable audience for your business online.

Once you've identified the audience, you can move on to developing the right digital marketing strategy to put your products and services in front of prospects.

The next step is to start designing your online presence, and by this, I mean everything from colours to logos and the design of your actual website or landing pages.

You'll be using what you've discovered about your audience in the research and planning and also the strategy development stages to zero in on what is right for your design.

Design is done, now we need to build your sales & marketing funnels to drive the traffic too so that your new prospects have somewhere to find out more about you, your offer and what problem you are solving for them.

(Recently I've started using ClickFunnels for this – it's a complete game changer for any digital marketing toolbox saved me so much time. I'll tell you more about Clickfunnels in another post, or check out my resources page.)

Now having a sales funnel or website is nice, but unless you have the right message, directed at the right audience, at the right time then it just won't work. You need to start populating the content with words, videos, images that resonate with your audience.
Growing An Existing Business
If you've already got a digital business and your making sales then you'll probably jump straight to this section; Promoting Tools.

Promoting your website is absolutely vital to get the traffic you need to succeed. There are lots of ways to promote your offer but it boils down three types of traffic
  • Paid Traffic
  • Referred Traffic
  • Earned Traffic
To leverage this traffic coming into your sales funnel you then start to optimise the traffic to make sure you're converting as much as possible.

The step of converting traffic is where the gold is found. If 2 out of every one hundred people take your offer, then getting this to 4 out of every one hundred will double your sales without any extra traffic.

But you need traffic first.

Then the last step is nurturing your customers, we all know that it's a lot easier to sell more to a current customer than acquire a new customer.

So once you have a new customer you need to provide immense value, help them out and make them one of your family. Do this right and you'll have raving fans.

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I have no official connection to any of the products in this guide – I have either used them, still used them or reviewed them.

The Digital Marketing ToolBox isn't an exhaustive list of every digital business tool out there; these are the tools that I've used on my journey building my multi 6-figure digital marketing agency since 2008.

I hope you enjoy the eBook as much as I did creating it for you, it's exactly what I wished I had when I started back in 2008.

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Which digital marketing tools have changed the way you do business online?
The Digital ToolBox
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